Minimalistic Programming Posters posters on Etsy

This is an experiment with Dropshipping and Etsy.

Why Etsy?

As a developer my instincts and ego tells me to CODE everything myself. **Instead of building my own **website and put dozens of hours into:

  • wireframes
  • design
  • code
  • copy-writing
  • SEO
  • CRO
  • payments
  • hosting
  • order management
  • marketing
  • emails
  • up-sells
  • etc.

... I tried setting up a shop on Etsy. They have all those things + millions of visitors per day.

I was up and running within a day 😶

Finding something to sell

In a perfect world I'd like to sell something:

  • Unique. Whenever a potential customer searches for this unique thing, mine should be #1
  • With market need (I'm never going to make a sale if no one is searching for it)
  • Dropship-ready with OK margins


I stumbled upon Printful that has lots of interesting dropshipping products.

Browse through their products and I bet you'll get at least a couple quick ideas 🤗

The product

My first and only product (so far) is somewhat related to my passion - programming.

Hence, Minimalistic programming posters with code


Is Etsy worth it the effort?

Based on the small amount of time I had spent setting it all up. I think was 100% worth the effort.

A majority of the I spent on designing and making sure my posters would look good IRL.

Everything else was just clicking through and tweaking various UI:s (Etsy + Printful).

IF I had the time to put all my energy and time into making more designs I think I'd earn a descent sum every month. But... there's just so much else I want to experiment with and do right now 😃🙈

It took about 2 weeks from idea to first sale

That would never have happened if had built my own e-commerce solution (with either just Stripe or even Shopify).